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How to Visit The Great Wall of China on a Layover

Just as I was about to commit to a one way flight to Melbourne, Australia, an advert on the booking website caught my eye. Instead of a two hour stop over in Singapore with Emirates, Air China were offering absolute bargain flights with a 10 or 12 hour layover in Beijing. Too long to wait at the airport I thought but what if I could leave it? 

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What To Do in Rural Ella, Sri Lanka

Stumbling out from the hippy rooftop lounge of Cafe One Love after too many mango mojitos, I swore to the honeymooning German couple propping me up that I was never leaving Ella. I realise now that (apart from being a great passion-killer), I was simply one of the many travellers hopelessly under the influence - sorry - spell, of this magical hillside village.

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UNESCO World Heritage Vietnam: A Photo Diary

With jaw-dropping natural marvels and fantastically preserved ancient relics, Vietnam is home to eight incredible UNESCO World Heritage status sites. From abandoned imperial cities to present day towns, unique landscapes to underground wonders, the heritage sites of Vietnam are truly something to behold. Here is a visual insight into this culture rich country.

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