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8 Things To Know Before You Visit Tasmania

Yes, Tasmania may not be the most obscure and unknown travel destination in the world but just like any new place, there are plenty of quirks that are always useful to familiarise yourself with before you visit. Australia’s only island state is different to any other I have experienced in Australia. To me, it is an intriguing mix of New Zealand, England and Victoria, in terms of the landscape, architecture and even lifestyle, yet it has elements that are, of course, uniquely Tasmanian. So before you pack your bags or book that ticket, here are some important and useful things you need to know before you visit Tasmania.

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20 Fascinating Facts To Make You Want to Visit Tasmania

On every single day of my trip, Tasmania surprised me with a truly stand-out fact that I learnt from a local or read on a information board or brochure. It was exciting - never had a place I thought I knew so much about proved me to be so ignorant. Tasmania is a totally unique place and, as such, claims the title of many ‘world firsts’ and interesting facts that I’m sure will surprise you, just like they did me! Here are just 20 Tasmanian facts that I hope are reason enough to convince you to visit to learn and see more!

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How To Spend A Weekend Road Trip Down The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is hands down one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world. The iconic route stretches 243km from Torquay to Allensford in Australia, showing off some of Victoria’s most attractive and interesting natural tourist sites along the way. From Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road trip can be easily experienced over a weekend. Or, even better, enjoyed more slowly with an extra day (i.e. for three days, two nights). After visiting the Great Ocean Road for just a quick weekend, here is a guide to everything I know about this stunning world famous Aussie road trip.

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