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The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona (and What to Eat There) By @mimozaeverywhere

My favourite meal of the day: breakfast. When you wake up late (probably quite tired from last night), this favourite meal of mine transforms into an even better concept: brunch. The dictionary describes it as “a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch”, but I describe it as pure happiness. Since I live in Barcelona, I feel like I have to share my knowledge with you, everyone, on this very serious and important matter.

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Why You Shouldn't Skip a Visit to Sleepy Slovenia

Overshadowed by its flashier neighbouring countries such as Italy and Croatia, tranquil Slovenia is a somewhat underrated and forgotten gem within central Europe. Known for its stunning mountain ranges, picturesque lakes and charming architecture, Slovenia is a country well deserving of your attention. But the scenery is not the only reason you should visit this peaceful country…

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