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How To Hike the World's Deepest Canyon, The Colca - Tips From My Mistakes

Most people have heard of the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is one of the world’s most popular natural sights, attracting an incredible 5+ million tourists a year. Yet not many people have heard of the Colca Canyon, situated some 4,422 miles away in the pre-inca region of Arequipa, Peru. I admit, I too had never heard of it until I arrived to Arequipa itself. But you should; the Colca is in fact over two times deeper than its American rival, boasting an elevation of 11,500ft above sea level…

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What To Do in Rural Ella, Sri Lanka

Stumbling out from the hippy rooftop lounge of Cafe One Love after too many mango mojitos, I swore to the honeymooning German couple propping me up that I was never leaving Ella. I realise now that (apart from being a great passion-killer), I was simply one of the many travellers hopelessly under the influence - sorry - spell, of this magical hillside village.

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