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Two Weeks in Toronto: How I Lost My Solo Travel Virginity By

I’ve read a lot of stories and know a few people who have been travelling on their own and the majority say the main reason they do it is for the independence and freedom that it brings. As great as this sounds for some, it didn’t massively appeal to me. I’ve always preferred to go away with friends and share my travel experience with others. The main reason I embarked on a solo trip to Canada wasn’t out of any urge to get away and be free, but actually out of simply being sick of waiting for my friends plans (and the planets!) to align to allow us to go away together.

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Apparently I Travel to 'Run Away'

If I had a pound for every time someone said, or insinuated, that I travel to run away from the responsibilities of adult life, well - I’d basically be able to afford an around-the-world ticket (see ya suckers!) “Are you just going to run away every time life gets tough?” said by a male friend of mine, has to be my favourite sweeping statement made to date.My initial reaction to this was naturally ‘get f*cked’ and other defensive retorts like ‘I have staying power you know’ and ‘I do have emotional strength to face issues in my life, you complete moron’. Perhaps, on reflection, I was a little harsh.

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How To Hike the World's Deepest Canyon, The Colca - Tips From My Mistakes

Most people have heard of the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is one of the world’s most popular natural sights, attracting an incredible 5+ million tourists a year. Yet not many people have heard of the Colca Canyon, situated some 4,422 miles away in the pre-inca region of Arequipa, Peru. I admit, I too had never heard of it until I arrived to Arequipa itself. But you should; the Colca is in fact over two times deeper than its American rival, boasting an elevation of 11,500ft above sea level…

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