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8 Things To Know Before You Visit Tasmania

Yes, Tasmania may not be the most obscure and unknown travel destination in the world but just like any new place, there are plenty of quirks that are always useful to familiarise yourself with before you visit. Australia’s only island state is different to any other I have experienced in Australia. To me, it is an intriguing mix of New Zealand, England and Victoria, in terms of the landscape, architecture and even lifestyle, yet it has elements that are, of course, uniquely Tasmanian. So before you pack your bags or book that ticket, here are some important and useful things you need to know before you visit Tasmania.

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How To Hike the World's Deepest Canyon, The Colca - Tips From My Mistakes

Most people have heard of the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is one of the world’s most popular natural sights, attracting an incredible 5+ million tourists a year. Yet not many people have heard of the Colca Canyon, situated some 4,422 miles away in the pre-inca region of Arequipa, Peru. I admit, I too had never heard of it until I arrived to Arequipa itself. But you should; the Colca is in fact over two times deeper than its American rival, boasting an elevation of 11,500ft above sea level…

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5 Super Easy Ways to Become a More Eco-Friendly Traveller

It’s a fact that travelling is bad for the environment. However by making small, low effort changes to how and what we do when we travel, we can actually majorly counteract and minimise our negative impact on the planet.

Here are just five things that I am doing both at home and abroad in an attempt to be a more environmentally friendly traveller. I hope you consider adopting some, if not all of these easy ways too!

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20 Productive Things To Do Whilst Waiting At The Airport

As a frequent traveller, I must have spent hundreds of hours over the years sitting in airports. Not helped of course by the fact I always leave even earlier than rationally necessary due to a neurotic fear of missing my flight. I’m almost certain I’ve wasted more hours twiddling my thumbs, pacing the equivalent of a marathon and attempting to sleep on cold, hard chairs than the average person.

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