Exploring The Streets and Architecture of Bucharest: A Photo Diary

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This was my second trip to Bucharest, Romania’s capital, yet it captivated me just as much – if not more than the first time around.

Bucharest for me is a place of fascinating contrasts. Medieval churches and monasteries stand beside Art Nouveau phenomena. Monstrous 1930s’ concrete towers overshadow delicate French Baroque, and 21st century modernity sits somewhere awkwardly between it all.

You never quite know how a street will look until you turn into it, your eyes inadvertently glued upwards in case you miss something. Will the view be amusing, stunningly beautiful, horrendously ugly? Who knows what emotion you’ll feel and what fascinating story of Bucharest’s turbulent past or promising future you’ll uncover next.

I hope these photographs highlight the architecture of Bucharest as the city of contradictions; the grime and neglect, the beauty and romanticism, the modernity and history, and the brute harshness of Romania’s capital, as if you were walking the streets yourself.

A visual insight into the architecture of Bucharest:

historic brick building in front of modern glass office in bucharest
Brick and curves, concrete angles and glass.
Pigeons fly over a water fountain in front of a Romanian Renaissance-style university building.
man busking on the street of bucharest in front of large window
A street busker takes a break to smoke a cigarette.
view down to bucharest's old town
The grand architecture Bucharest – what remains of the surviving Old Town.
1930s block of flats in bucharest
A block of flats on a busy road with a large 3D advertisement.
A Parisian-style hotel on the corner of a busy street.
lady in dress crossing the road
A lady waits to cross the road with a bunch of leaves in her hands.
A neon street art sign.
The National Architects Union Headquarters that has undergone rather eye-catching modernisation.
creative outdoor seating set up at a festival in bucharest
A homemade outdoor seating area for a small, local street festival.
old textile shop within art nouveau building
An old-fashioned looking textile shop within a run-down cement Art Nouveau building
A window setting of a restaurant with al fresco street dining.
pigeon in puddle cooling off in bucharest street
A pigeon cooling down in a muddy puddle.
ornate hospital architecture
The grand facade of an old hospital.
a water fountain in front of a grand building in Bucharest
A water fountain behind a curved wall outside a government building.
Intricate details and beautifully arched windows – a sample of the architecture of Bucharest
been there done that pink sticker on a lamp post
Street stickers on a lamp post
views from linea rooftop bar
Rooftop views of an angular building next to a glass domed ceiling.
Scooters parked down a back street.
A hint at medieval or Gothic architectural influences.
graffiti and grand building in front of Bucharests river
The Dâmbovița River with a corporate building behind.

I hope you found these 22 photographs an interesting insight into the street scene and architecture of Bucharest.

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Bucharest photo diary
Bucharest architecture

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3 thoughts on “Exploring The Streets and Architecture of Bucharest: A Photo Diary”

  1. Wow! Your photos are beautiful and really show the huge variability in architecture and character of the city! I had no idea the architecture there was so diverse. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I spent some time petsitting in Eastern Europe and found it to be somewhat otherworldly compared to Western Europe. Your photos are stunning and just the kind of shots I love to take to0 (like the “Been There Done That” sign – brilliant!) I can’t wait to travel freely around Europe again, and now Bucharest has moved up on my list, thanks to you!


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