From the very moment I got a taster of the ‘van life’ lifestyle, when I hired a tiny sedan with a bed in the back to travel New Zealand in 2014, I knew that one day I’d buy one of my own. Little did I know that in the midst of the chaos the pandemic, in the world’s longest lockdown in Melbourne, the stars (and more so my finances!) would align.

In 2020 with a restriction that prohibited me leaving 5km from my house, I somehow managed to find and purchase a 2004 Ford Econovan with only 50,000kms on the clock. My partner and I then spent 4 months fitting out an empty shell into a mini adventure-van-come-second-home. Maeve is small, but she packs a mighty adventure.

From quick solo getaways to longer sightseeing road trips around Victoria and South Australia, van life has allowed me to experience and appreciate a side to Australia and its outdoors that I simply would not have otherwise. It’s been life changing.

On this page you’ll find my van life blog archives of my travels and tips I’ve learnt from the past few years in the ‘van life’ camper van club.