Two Waterfalls You Need To Visit in Bohol (Including a Local’s Secret)

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Bohol was probably my favourite destination out of my whole Philippines trip.

Why? Because not only does this central province island have postcard-perfect beaches and the adorable and endangered Tasier to swoon over, it has jungle. With jungle comes hiking, and with hiking comes the discovery of some truly spectacular waterfalls.

There are many waterfalls you can visit in Bohol but there are two that I would highly recommend fast tracking to the top of your itinerary.

Located very close to each other, they are great to combine together as part of a full day sightseeing tour around Bohol. Despite their close proximity, both are very different in terms of the scenery/setting and also atmosphere.

They are truly little hidden paradises and one of the least touristy spots I visited in The Philippines.

What’s the best way to get to waterfalls in Bohol?

My partner and I hired a private driver through our guesthouse to take us, costing us 3,000PHP ($58USD/£45GBP) for all day. His adorable family joined us too including his super cute baby!

On the way back from the waterfalls, we also stopped at Hinagdanan Cave to swim in the crystal clear waters of this very cool underground pool.

Hiring a driver or taking a taxi is the best way to access both of these waterfalls as there doesn’t appear to be any other way to reach them (they’re in the jungle after all!) You could always hire a scooter but you’d need to be prepared for some difficult terrain.

Here are two of the best waterfalls in Bohol to visit:

Pahangog Twin Falls, Dimiao 

best waterfalls in bohol

What is Twin Falls like?

Tucked away in the heart of the thick jungle, you will find the exotic and picture-perfect Twin Falls.

As the name suggests, there are two waterfalls cascading into the same, beautifully emerald green pool. One is your classic, dramatic straight waterfall where the water drops from quite a height. The other has water rolling over a sloping rock face.

The pool at the bottom of the falls is huge and deep so you have masses of space to float around in the refreshing water.

The pool gently trickles off and forms a gorgeous river that meanders through the clearing. Downstream, rock pools and grassy mounds add to the enchanting setting of this jungle haven.

You’ll definitely want to spend a few hours here to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and to take some photos.

girl sat on rock in front of waterfall and lagoon in asia

Where is Pahangog Twin Falls?

Pahangog Waterfall is located on the south part of Bohol Island.

We stayed in the nearby island further south called Panglao, which is a common tourist accommodation option, and the journey to Twin Falls took us about an hour.

If you’re staying in Tagbiliran City on the Bohol mainland, it will probably take you about an hour to reach Twin Falls as well.

How To Get To The Entrance Of Twin Falls

After an hour on the road, our driver dropped us off at a dead end in a bustling little village (or ‘Brgy’ in Filipino). From there we jumped on the back of a motorbike. It took us a 5-10 minute ride through the jungle to the start of the waterfall decent. The ride cost 50PHP one way and you need to pay a 40PHP entrance fee at the little shack when you get there.

You can walk the track to the waterfall entrance yourself which is roughly 1km but it would be a pretty hot and tiring walk. There are some steep uphill parts and it didn’t appear like there was much shade. If you want to challenge yourself, by all means go for it, but the heat of the Filipino sun often makes any walk pretty unbearable, let alone uphill and exposed!

We got offered a guide at the entrance shack but you definitely don’t need one. You just follow the steps down! Some are mud/stone, some are concrete and nearer the bottom they’re wooden steps. It will be slippery when it’s wet though so take extra care.

From the entrance it takes a 10-15 minute walk downhill to reach the Pahangog Twin Falls.

You come out slightly downstream at the base of the waterfall. You then need to cross a fairly rickety bamboo bridge to get to a place to put your things.

There are some wooden seating areas you can hire for 50PHP if you want, although we put our things here and no-one seemed to be on duty collecting money.

Twin Falls Bohol Review

Ingkumhan Falls – The Local’s Hangout

young boys climbing trees to jump into a waterfall pool

When you look online at other blogs, you will often read of a ‘secret waterfall’ in Bohol. This is Ingkumhan Falls, about a 5 minute car ride from the first, Twin Falls.

The sign to it is just handwritten with red paint on one side of a plastic banner (I think an advert) so it’s best to just use local knowledge to find it.

Some bloggers say they don’t want to publish the name in case it gets over crowded with tourists but considering this blog is still pretty small, I thought I’d be safe to share it!

What is Ingkumhan Falls Like?

Ingkumhan Falls has a completely different look and feel to Twin Falls. Firstly, it is a lot less pristine and picturesque.

The large oval-shaped pool is surrounded by a rocky face that is overgrown with trees, vines and ferns. One side has a cave-like crevasse with some really interesting mossy stalagmite formations. The ruggedness of the surroundings really gives it character. It’s a lot more ‘Jungle Book’ and less ‘Herbal Essence advert’ – if that makes sense.

waterfalls in the philippines

Ingkumhan Falls has a completely different look and feel to Twin Falls. Firstly, it is a lot less pristine and picturesque. The large oval-shaped pool is surrounded by a rocky face that is overgrown with trees, vines and ferns. One side has a cave-like crevasse with some really interesting mossy stalagmite formations. The ruggedness of the surroundings really gives it character. It’s a lot more ‘Jungle Book’ and less ‘Herbal Essence advert’ – if that makes sense.

When I was there (May 2019), the waterfall was only a trickle but the rocks were still slippery enough to slide down. The pool was also more brown/green than Twin Falls and what I had seen online, but I do think it depends on the time of year you visit.

The atmosphere here was my favourite – local kids climbed up to the top to jump in and messed around on home-made rope swings. It was just a really wholesome, family orientated vibe and we stayed here a lot longer than the first waterfall.

The jumping opportunities and rope swings means there is a lot more to do at Ingkumham Waterfall than just floating in the pool.

Inghumham Waterfall

Where is Ingkumhan Falls?

Ingkumhan Waterfall is located only 3.5km south west of the Twin Falls, which means it will only take about 30 minutes to go from one to the other. The road is less ‘road’ and more ‘track’ though, so the journey is quite bumpy.

You just need to make up your mind which one to visit first!

What should i Expect At The Entrance of Ingkumhan Falls?

There is a grassy/gravely clearing next to a wooden house where your car will pull up. Here someone will come out and you will need to pay him roughly 40PHP per person to enter and also around 50PHP for your car to park.

From there, is it just a 5-10 minute downhill walk but it’s a lot more gentle than Twin Falls. You’ll pass through lots of palm and banana trees.

To access a flat area to leave your possessions, you are required to walk across a small section of rocks. Water shoes for this waterfall would be good idea as not only is this part rocky and slippery, there are also sharp rocks as you walk into the pool. In the wet season, this area may also become flooded.

There is one bench and a table by the pool and little huts up the hill near the entrance to the falls. They’re out of sight though so I’d recommend leaving your possessions on the pool-side table or on some rocks.

There are no small refreshment shops here so be prepared with water and any snacks.

Ingkumhan Falls Secret Spot

Both of these waterfalls in Bohol are not really geared towards tourists, which absolutely makes them all the more worth visiting. The majority of people were locals enjoying a day out with the family which will make a change from many of the sights you will, or have no doubt seen, in The Philippines.

If you’re visiting Bohol as part of a bigger trip around the country, check out this two week itinerary for the Philippines.

If you have any questions or want to know any more about either of these waterfalls in Bohol – feel free to leave me a comment.

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best waterfalls in bohol including a local secret
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