The Perfect Indie Folk Playlist For Hiking

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The first article for one of my writing jobs was a playlist designed especially with songs about hiking, ideal to hike or travel to. Considering music, travelling and hiking are my true loves, I thought it was a pretty apt one to make my debut on; I don’t think anything could have summed me up more.

After months of neglect, I listened to the playlist whilst solo hiking around Northern Victoria a few weeks ago. Although I am of course totally biased because I created it, I was reminded how utterly beautiful it is. At that moment I realised I must share it on here too!

Of course being submerged in nature already gives me an adrenaline buzz, but there’s something about the delicate guitars and dreamy folk vocals of the songs within this playlist that heighten my senses and uplift me even more. I find they perfectly compliment hiking and being outdoors, allowing for complete appreciation of my surroundings.

Here’s an extract from the original article about the feel and theme of the music:

“When I’m hiking my favourite soundtrack of all is of course that of nature. But when my legs get weary and motivation dips, music has the power to carry me beyond the fatigue, empowering and inspiring me to just keep on going. […] This playlist encapsulates the sounds of feeling free and unstoppable. It celebrates getting lost and exploring nature’s wonders by the most basic and stripped back mode of transport available, on foot.”

So without further ado, below is the indie folk playlist with songs about hiking that celebrates being in nature, for your listening pleasure (you can also follow it on Spotify).

If you want to have a read about two of my current favourite tracks, continue scrolling below.

An Indie Folk Playlist for Hiking:

Ellysee Mason – ‘Hunt Me Down’

Hunt Me Down is a really beautiful, vocal forward track, showing off Ellysee’s powerfully soulful yet delicately sweet voice

Her haunting sound reminds me a lot of the lead singer’s from London Grammar. You could even draw a few more similarities to this band musically too.

With deft guitars and vocal rawness, the track is wonderfully atmospheric with an ethereal, otherworldly sound. It’s almost the perfect soundtrack to a poignant part of a movie.

Contrary to the title, Ellysee sings a lot about freedom and alludes to her desire for her love interest to travel to follow her. It’s a sort of romantic ballad that you get caught up in as you meander down the trail.

Although the track is nearly 5 minutes long, I find I get so lost in it that suddenly it’s over and I’m craving to put it back on repeat.

If you know some songs about hiking that would fit this playlist, I’d love to hear about them!


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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Indie Folk Playlist For Hiking”

  1. I love this post, thanks for sharing! Whenever I’m hiking, I never know what to listen to, but music definitely helps the time go by.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to music while hiking yet, but I may have to start doing that during the times where I’m super tired and feeling less motivated! Off to check out this list! :]


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