How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe For Travel In 5 Steps

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A capsule wardrobe is a curated and concise selection of essential and timeless clothing items. A capsule wardrobe has many advantages and benefits, especially in the form of time, space saving and achieving minimalism. That’s why a capsule wardrobe is an ideal skill to perfect for travelling!

With a small but effective selection of clothes, you will require much less time to find the right outfit instead of sifting through endless amounts of items you haven’t worn in years.

These benefits only increase when thinking about adding garments. As your capsule wardrobe is carefully coordinated and planned, this will help keep your shopping habit to a minimum, and when you travel, packing your  curated capsule wardrobe is an absolute breeze!

To create your own capsule wardrobe, check out these 5 steps to success!

*This is a collaborative post written by David Henderson*

1. Select your colour palette 

tips for how to create a minimalist capsule wardrobe
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The trick to creating a flexible capsule wardrobe especially suited for travel, is to start by selecting your base colour. 

It is important to build your wardrobe around a certain colour to ensure your outfits are coordinated so whatever you choose, you have a matching outfit.

It’s wise to select a colour that is neutral and works with other colours, so you don’t have to spend time wondering what will go and waste time pairing. This also prevents clashing colours as neutral shades can often compliment each other. For example, black and white, or black and beige are good staple base pairing colours. 

If you plan to change up your wardrobe regularly, select an all-season colour so when your wardrobe changes you can stay on trend.

2. Decide the basic essentials 

To start your capsule wardrobe, you will need to tick the basics clothing off first.

When we talk about basics, we are referencing staple and practical garments suitable for different seasons which include t-shirts, jumpers, trousers. Remember to base these around your chosen colour theme to avoid mismatching outfits.

3. Add the all important layers

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Now you have chosen your colour palette and your basic wardrobe items, we can begin to add layers. Layers are especially useful whilst travelling for those cool evenings and days with unpredictable weather.

The layers in your wardrobe are still functional pieces. Think garments such as outerwear, formal outfits, dresses etc. These layers give you an opportunity to break away from your colour scheme and add in some extra points of colour. 

When you are adding in layers, you have the opportunity to add some personality to your wardrobe.

You can do this in a multitude of ways, such as using a custom clothing such as from Banana Moon Clothing to create a unique and personalised design, or through exciting and vibrant patterns.

4. Add in your shoes 

At this point your capsule wardrobe is almost good to go – a couple finishing touches and you have the perfect wardrobe for this season! In this case, the finishing touches are shoes and accessories.

When choosing your shoes, the outfits you have pieced together will naturally help you select the most suitable pair.

If you have created a wardrobe for different social occasions, you will want to include a casual pair, a formal pair, and a pair of comfortable trainers. Of course any footwear needs to be well tested for a long day of wearing so they do not cause discomfort. There’s nothing worse than blisters!

For travel, comfortable trainers or walking boots are essential, along with sandals/flip flops for instances beaches and hot weather, and something like pumps to wear out for dinner or drinks.

Keep your colour scheme in mind when choosing your footwear however when selecting your trainers, you have the opportunity to use these as a pop of colour and personality.

5. Finish with accessories

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No outfit is complete without accessories, just as no capsule wardrobe would be complete without accessories!

Now you have put together your complete outfits, you have the opportunity to add in any accessories to put the finishing touches to your outfits. This could be anything from practical but attractive day bags, to sunglasses, hats and scarfs. 

Colour again is important to ensure coordinated outfits, so be sure to check your accessories complement your outfits before adding them into your capsule travel wardrobe.

Getting a capsule wardrobe for travel and home life just right is a really worthwhile skill to learn. We hope these 5 steps have given you some useful advice about how you can get started with your own.

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how to create a capsule wardrobe for travel
capsule wardrobe travel tips

*This is a collaborative post written by David Henderson*

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4 thoughts on “How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe For Travel In 5 Steps”

  1. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, especially because theyre then key items which makes it easier to pack for when you travel. Going with a base colour then adding color and personality thru outer layers is what I try to do.

  2. I’ve always loved the idea of a capsule wardrobe. So hard to get rid of those items you love and don’t want to get rid of though! But having practical and well thought out clothing is very beneficial

  3. Custom clothing is a good suggestion, especially if your just keeping your wardrobe to the basic and most practical essentials. Then you can make sure its really what you want.


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