Is Fiji a Good Destination For Solo Travel?

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For some reason, I had these ridiculous visions of being the only solo traveller in Fiji. I pictured myself tragically sitting at a beachside table for one, honeymooning couples canoodling by candlelight all around me. 

Fortunately I was wrong.

Adventure seekers of all ages – young digital nomads, young-at-heart flashpackers, groups of mates and indeed solo travellers – were everywhere. That age-old stereotype that Fiji is only for families, the newlywed and nearly-dead was utterly debunked on day one of my trip.

What surprised me the most about this cluster of over 300 Pacific paradise islands is that there is actually a distinctive backpacker trail in Fiji.

Yes you can absolutely get a dose of alone time and jet off to an obscure and quiet island if that’s what you wanted. But there are loads of common tourist routes where you can meet like-minded travellers as well.

In Nadi – Fiji’s launching pad of sorts – solo backpackers converge on Wailoaloa Beach near the airport for a day or two, make friends and make plans. The most common tourist routes are to the Yasawa Islands, Mamanuca Islands or along the Coral Coast of the mainland, Viti Levu.

Typically most travellers are from nearby Australia and New Zealand. Many of whom I met had actually snuck off to Fiji to work remotely without their bosses knowing!

So, is Fiji good for solo travel? The short answer from my experience: yes! In fact, many people choose Fiji as their first ever solo destination for many reasons.

Here is a little bit more information as to why and what you need to consider for Fiji solo travel.

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Why Fiji is Good for solo travel:

1. Genuinely Warm & Welcoming Fijian Culture

fiji goodbye ceremony min 2
Being sang a farewell song by the resort staff before a small group of us departed for the ferry.

When I was researching the history and culture of Fiji, I admit that reading about cannibalism and ancient warriors made me feel a little uneasy. How safe would Fiji realistically be for a solo female traveller?

Ok, it sounds silly because that’s way in the past. But sometimes countries can have leftover attitudes, and I wondered whether there would be remnants of a macho or misogynistic culture. As a woman alone, that can sometimes make things a bit uncomfortable.

Well, it turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth. Fijian’s are probably the most friendly, down-to-earth and welcoming locals I have ever met on my travels – both men and women. You can’t walk past someone without them giving you a cheery “bula!” and a genuine smile.

The Fijian’s are absolute hospitality professionals who go over and above to make you feel like Fiji is a home away from home.

The moment you arrive, you’ll be sung a welcome song to greet you and from then on, everyone knows you by name. It really makes you feel so valued.

As cheesy as it sounds, Fijian’s get to know you personally and become a friend. They fill your holiday with fun, kindness and laughter. It’s no wonder they’re known as some of the friendliest people in the world!

This is especially why many women choose Fiji as a solo travel destination as females need not worry about being harassed or feeling unsafe. Fijian culture is fairly respectful towards women. Community and family are important and community shame is a big deterrent.

On a visit to Fiji, a female should always be cautious of men who are a little too friendly though. You may well get someone trying it on who’ll declare they undying love for you!

Women should exercise the normal level of caution as a foreigner in an unknown place, such as not walking alone at night.

2. Sociable hostel life, at luxury resorts

dorm room on a beach in Fiji
My luxury 6-bed ‘paradise dorm’ on the beach at Barefoot Manta Resort in the Yasawa Islands. Stunning!

Fiji is known for luxury beach resorts. It’s one reason why it’s such a popular honeymoon destination.

But the best thing about many of the resorts is that they also have dorm rooms (in paradise!) for those on a budget, or those who can’t justify a luxury bure every night, like a solo backpacker!

It actually surprised me just how many resorts in Fiji have dorm rooms and facilities built with people other than couples in mind.

Along the Coral Coast I would recommend staying at Beachouse Resort, in the Yasawa Islands, Barefoot Manta and in Nadi, Bluewater Lodge, Bamboo Backpackers, or Smugglers Cove

Love them or hate them, dorm rooms are the best way to meet other solo travellers. Typically wherever there are hostels, there are backpackers.

Even if you’re not a fan of a shared sleeping space, staying in private accommodation somewhere that also has dorm rooms onsite, generally means you can still meet these solo travellers in the communal areas and during organised activities. A sociable hostel is one of my go-to tips for first time solo travellers.

For a personalised and more down-to-earth experience, where you’ll learn about the culture and Fijian way of life more intimately, I’d also recommend at least a few nights in a homestay. 

3. Low crime rates

fiji beach with palm trees sunset

Like everywhere, Fiji does have crime but it likely has much less than where you are from! 

According to the Global Organised Crime Index, Fiji is ranked 148th out of 193 countries in their criminality score, which is pretty low!

The most pervasive criminal market in Fiji is drugs and drug smuggling, often run by organised networks. Fiji’s location between Latin America and the destination markets, such as Australia and New Zealand make it a drug transport hub. In fact, the other most prominent illegal activities such as logging and smuggling are also largely due to its strategic location in the Pacific.

These types of crime are organised and should not affect tourists. Just steer clear of drugs!

Most of the crime affecting tourists would be petty and opportunist such as theft. And theft does happen especially as there is a wealth disparity. Ensure you keep your belongings safe and exercise the normal travel precautions, such as not flashing valuables or leaving them out of sight.

It’s also comforting to know gun ownership in Fiji is some of the lowest in the world and random violent crimes are far and few between.

4. Group tours or solo time, you choose!

south sea cruise ferry

A holiday to Fiji is all about enjoying Fiji Time – the laid back way of life, sun, sea and beaches. I can assure you it will be indulgent and relaxing, but there are also cultural and water-based activities to get involved in for a hit of adrenaline too.

Most resorts have free or cheap gear to rent such as snorkels, SUP boards and kayaks. They’re ideal for indulging in some solo time from the very beach of the resort.

However there are also some awesome group activities to partake in as well. 

Resorts often have an activity board with scheduled daily group entertainment. They ensure there’s always something going on so you’re not bored. They can be anything from traditional jewellery making, dance shows, kava ceremonies, demonstrations, sunrise hikes and village visits. They’re a great way to socialise and meet people staying in the same accommodation.

There are also group tours off the island organised by the resort or with external tour providers. You can search on Viator to compare the best Fiji tour operators. Think experiences like diving with sharks or visiting caves, local villages and waterfalls! 

If you’re going to the Yasawa Islands I would recommend staying at Barefoot Manta and joining a boat trip to go snorkelling with manta rays, only a few hundred metres from the shore. It was undoubtedly the highlight of my trip!

Either way, solo travellers to Fiji will enjoy the balance of social time from group tours and solo recharge time on the resort’s beach.

5. A Good Party Scene

cocktail on wailoaloa beach

If having some drinks and a dance is your kind of thing, Fiji has some renowned party islands such as Beachcomber in the Mamanucas. It has a sociable vibe for solo travellers to meet and party with other backpackers.

There are also some fun bars and nightclubs in places such as downtown Nadi and the capital, Suva.

I would recommend Ice Bar in Nadi for a fun night of dancing in a grungy (albeit very hot and sweaty) environment with a mix of locals and tourists. I ended up there on multiple occasions (without planning to!) with groups of other travellers and locals I met at my accommodation and on Wailoaloa Beach.

6. Close to Australia & New Zealand

Fiji Airways Aeroplane at sunset

Well, when I say close, it’s a 3-5 hour flight from either Australia or New Zealand to Nadi. In Australia terms, that’s extremely close considering that’s about as long as it can take to fly across the country, and not even leave it!

Many young travellers choose to visit Fiji either before or after backpacking to either of these countries, or moving there on a Working Holiday Visa.

So why is this good for a solo traveller? Fiji isn’t an obscure island in the middle of nowhere. It’s a popular holiday destination for people in Oceania meaning there’ll be lots of other like-minded tourists to meet, solo or otherwise.

7. It’s Geared Towards Tourism

dancing in Fiji min

Fiji is absolutely set up for tourism. And in more ways that many countries known as being a popular holiday spot are! I guess it’s not surprising considering nearly 40% of their GDP is contributed by the travel & tourism sector.

Travelling around Fiji is easy. There’s no dodgy old ferries that stink of fumes and chug along at a pace you could row at. Think brand new high speed catamarans and extremely organised pick-ups and drop-offs. There are also many tour providers that will take you pretty much anywhere you’d want to go as a tourist.

Infrastructure is generally really good in Fiji, although the Wi-Fi can be a little sketchy at times. If you want to see a more authentic and ‘real’ insight into how Fijian people live, book a few nights in a homestay.

The side of Fiji you see as a tourist is definitely a polished and squeaky-clean version. But that being said, it’s stress-free and as a solo traveller, you don’t have to worry about getting from A to B, or incurring an additional expense for being alone.

Tips for solo travel in Fiji:

fiji islands travel guide min

Fiji solo travel will prove to be extremely rewarding, relaxing and fun. Here are some tips to make the most of a solo trip to Fiji:

Spare some time for Nadi (Wailoaloa Beach) to meet people

If you have time, I would highly recommend spending a few days in Nadi before you head off elsewhere in Fiji. Some people say it’s overrated or boring (I’d disagree), but just two days gives you enough time to get into Fiji time and meet other solo travellers who may well become your travel companions!

Choose accommodation wisely

Avoid anywhere without dorm rooms and resorts that are marketed as couple or family oriented. Even if you don’t stay in a dorm room, you’ll realise just how sociable Fiji can be by choosing accommodation set up for a ‘younger’ audience.

Beware of places that may charge a ‘singles’ surcharge. However if you follow the above advice and look for places good for solo travellers, you won’t encounter these charges.

– Use public Transport

The transport in Fiji isn’t exactly cheap however public transport is reasonable. For island hopping, there are public ferries you can buy tickets for online, at the ferry terminal or through your accommodation. If you are going to multiple islands in the Mamanucas or Yasawa’s, it’s worth doing the maths to see if a Bula Pass is cheaper.

Buses in Fiji are the main form of public transport on the mainlands. They are quite cheap and convenient. Buses are worth taking solo instead of private transport, such as a taxi.

– Prepare for Mandatory ‘Meal Plans’

On top of your room rate, you will be expected to pay for a daily meal plan, which is often $119FJD per person. This is often because there are no other places to eat where you stay as they’re private island resorts. So instead of racking up a bill, you are expected to pay upfront to select from a small daily menu. Extras such as drinks are paid before check out. Make sure you include the cost of meal plans into any pre-travel budgeting.

This guide to solo travel in Fiji is based on my experience combined with research on the safety statistics of the country. I hope you have found it useful and it will encourage you to visit this wonderful Pacific destination – and alone! Happy travels!

Fiji solo travel is rewarding and easy, if you know these insider tips!



what fiji is like for solo travel

Going to Fiji Soon? Don’t forget these essentials!

Flights: compare and search for the cheapest flights using Skyscanner

Accommodation: hotels to hostels, glamping to apartments, I always use

Tours: to find the best group tours and activities (with up to 20% off), use Viator

Visa: don’t forget to check the entry requirements for the passport you are travelling with on the Fiji government website

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  2. I have been to Fiji twice (with family). It really is a good and safe holiday destination. The people are genuine and I always felt safe.

  3. I always thought of Fiji as a place to get married and a family holiday destination. It’s good to have a different perspective. I would never have gone to Fiji as a solo traveller but would now seriously consider it.

  4. As a solo traveller myself, I definitely wouldn’t have considered Fiji – I just assumed it would all be couples and honeymooners. Guess I can start looking at flights!

  5. I don’t really travel solo, but I always choose safe destinations and Fiji certainly looks like a great place for everyone! And looks like you enjoyed your time there, so that’s very inspiring 😍

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  7. So interesting to know that Fiji is not only for families, the newlywed and the nearly dead. Great to know you found lots of fellow travellers. I was surprised when I read that many of the resorts also had dorm rooms. And that there is typically a daily fee for the mandatory meal plans. Lots I didn’t know about Fiji.

  8. I went to Fiji in 2019 on a solo trip and to date, it’s still one of my best travel memories – couldn’t agree with this more!

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